Contractor Resources

Tools and information for Union Contractors

Wage Packages

You can find the wage packages here:

More info > Wage Packages

National Agreement for Residential and Light Commercial Construction

The National Agreement for Residential and Light Commercial Construction is now available online.

More info > Local 130 Agreements

Voluntary Savings and Union PAC Fund

All members are allowed to contribute to voluntary Savings Program and/or the Union PAC Fund. Please click on the following link for more detailed information:

More info > Pay Deferral Election Form

New Data Center Phone Number

Please note that the Data Center phone number has changed. The new number is (312) 970-1122.

Mailed Reports and Postmark Dates

Monthly reports and payments postmarked by the 15th but not received until after the 15th will be considered delinquent. Please ensure that all reports and checks are mailed so that they will be received and processed prior to the 15th of the month. Submitting the payments for weekly and monthly reports by ACH through the Contractor Reporting Tool (WebCore) can avoid any problems that may occur with delays in the postal system and can help your office avoid delinquencies.

Plumbers Lockbox Information

If you continue to mail your payment, please make checks payable to:

Plumbers’ Local 130 Contribution Account,

and mail the checks to the following Lock Box Address:

Plumbers’ Local 130 Contribution Account
P.O. Box 94459
Chicago, Illinois 60690-4459

Electronic Contribution Reporting – WebCore.

All contractor reporting is required to be posted through the WebCore Contractor Reporting Tool. All active Contractors are now reporting using this tool.

If you are not yet using WebCore, please call us immediately to schedule installation and training. This takes 15 to 20 minutes and is done over the phone and the internet. This will not require an office visit.

Contact Info > Local 130 Data Center