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New Apprentice Applications

The Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC) will be accepting applications from January 25 through February 26, 2016. The 2016 Apprentice Application program is detailed on the JAC web site. Please click the link below to review.

More Info > Apprenticeship Applications

Job Openings

Cook County has a position open for Plumbing Inspector. Click the link below for more details.

More Info > Job Openings

William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship

Each year, various union, plumbing and construction related organizations, make educational scholarships available to union members and their families.

The 2016 Chicago Federation of Labor, William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship has been announced. If interested, please keep in mind that the deadline is March 1st so complete your application as soon as possible.

CFL – William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship

Brother Joe Midonna (left) and Business Agent Jim Mansfield (right)

Brother Joe Middona

On the morning of October 23rd, there was a terrible jobsite accident in the South Loop that killed Brother Joe Middona. Joe, only 38 years old, was a 16-year Member of Local 130/Local 501 but more importantly was a husband and father. Joe is survived by his wife Miranda and three young sons.

Friends of the Joseph Middona Family have set up a GoFundMe account to help his family. If you wish to show your support of Joe’s young family please use the following to send a donation and your condolences or send a check to the Scholarship Fund below set up for his sons.

Joseph Middona Family Donations Link

The Middona Boys Scholarship Fund

Contributions may also be made to “The Middona Boys Scholarship Fund” at Fifth Third Bank.

2015 Fall Edition of Plumbers Local 130 Newsletter

Is now available for download.

More Info > Local 130 Newsletter Vol 2 No 4

Local 98/Detroit is taking travelers!

Please contact Pat McCarthy at (312)421-1010 x115 for more information.

Congratulations to our own Brian Lundy!

Brian won 1st Place at the 2015 International Apprentice Contest in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Congratulations to the United Associations Number 1 Apprentice!

Local 130 23rd Annual Apprentice Contest.

Click the link below to see the results from the contest and a few photos of the 6/2/15 Plumbers’ J.A.C. Local Union 130, UA 23rd Annual Apprentice Contest. We are very proud of them all!

More info > Local 130 Apprentice Contest

Election Results

The election was held Tuesday, June 9th. Business Manager, James F Coyne won re-election by a majority vote.

Benefits Improvements Announcement

The Board of Trustees of the Plumbers’ Welfare Fund, Local 130 U.A. (“Active Plan”) and the Trustees of the Plumbers Local No. 130 Retiree Welfare Fund (“Retiree Plan”) are pleased to inform you that they have made improvements to the Active and Retiree Plan.

Click the links below for details.

More info > Active Plan Benefit Improvements

More info > Retiree Plan Benefit Improvements

2015 Plumbing Wage Packages

The Plumbing Contract Wage and Fringe Benefit Packages effective June 1, 2015, can be found at the links below:

2015 Technical Engineering Wage Packages

The Illinois and Indiana Technical Engineering Division Wage and Fringe Benefit Packages effective June 1, 2015, can be found at the links below:

More info > Illinois – MARBA 2015 Wage Package

More info > Indiana – NWICA 2015 Wage Package

Residential and Service Agreements

There have been no changes to the National Residential Agreement or Service Agreement. Those Wage and Benefits Packages remain the same.

What is, “The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade”

We’re famous! The above image is a screenshot taken from the television show “Jeopardy”.

Brian Lundy wins State of Illinois Apprentice Contest

4th year Apprentice Brian Lundy, who works for B.Bruce Plumbing, just won the IPTA/COTE State of Illinois Apprentice Contest on March 12th representing Plumbers’ Local Union 130, UA. The contest took place at Pipefitters’ Local Union 597 Training Center in Mokena March 11th & 12th. He will continue on to compete in the UA 4th District Apprentice Contest June 10th & 11th. The contest will be held at Pipefitters’ Local Union 597 Training Center in Mokena. We are very proud of him!!

Pay your dues online

Online Membership Dues Payment is available to all members. You can pay your dues from the comfort of your home. No unnecessary trips to the hall.

More info > Online Dues Payment

Tech Engineering Pension Plan Document

Notice to interested parties:

An application is to be made to the Internal Revenue Service for an advance determination on the qualification for the Pension Fund – Technical Engineer Division Local Union 130, U.A. pension benefit plan.

Please find the document here:

Notice to Interested Parties 2015

2015 City Plumbing License Examination Schedule

The 2015 City Plumbing License Examination Schedule is now available.

More Info > 2015 City Plumbing License Exam Schedule

Online License Renewal Process

The Chicago Department of Buildings’ License Bureau reported an important service improvement that should make license renewal efforts for plumbing contractors more convenient and efficient. Effective immediately, electrical contractors and supervising electricians, plumbing contractors, journeymen plumbers, apprentices and masonry contractors with “A” and “B” and “C” licenses will be able to take advantage of the Department’s new Online License Renewal System. Use of the new online license renewal system is mandatory.

If you have not already renewed your license, you must log into the online licensing renewal system and renew your license. Simply log onto the City of Chicago Online Permits page. You will then be prompted to create a new login number for your account if you do not already have an existing online permitting login. Please click the link below for instructions on how to create a new account.

more info > Chicago License Renewal


Plumbers Union Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 9th, 7:00 pm

Chicago Plumbers Hall

Tech Engineers
Union Meeting

Thursday, Feb. 11th, 7:00 pm

Chicago Plumbers Hall