Local 130 UA

Local 130 Political Rally

On Tuesday evening, October 21, Plumbers Local 130, UA, hosted an old fashioned political rally gathering Democratic leaders from the federal, state and local levels to address union members of every trade. Building Trades leaders and approximately 1,000 Local 130 and other crafts’ members, friends and family came together to rally for the elected officials and candidates who support organized labor.

More Info > Local 130 Political Rally

Bruce Rauner Must Go!

I find it offensive that Bruce Rauner – a guy who made over $60 million in 2013 – thinks that just because he bought a Carhartt jacket and an $18 watch that he can relate to the working people of Illinois, like my dad. What he doesn’t understand is we work hard day in and day out so that we can do better for our families. And if we wear a Carhartt, it’s because it’s cold outside when we are working.

We need your help to educate our brothers and sisters about the importance of this election and the implications of a candidate like Rauner. Recently, the Associated Press interviewed Rauner about his “Right-to-Work zones” concept. Don’t be fooled by the phrase “Right to Work.” So called “Right-to-Work” laws diminish the collective voice of workers and impact workplace safety, job security, the ability of families to have real access to the middle class. According to the article, “Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner says his campaign proposal to create so-called ‘right to work zones’ also means designating areas where businesses face fewer tax and regulatory burdens.” His “Right to Work” zones will protect the interest of big business and diminish the achievements organized labor has made over the years.

We need to defeat Rauner before he enters the Governor’s mansion. Please volunteer to help fill shifts at our phone banks and neighborhood walks.

More Info > We can’t let Bruce Rauner win!

Union Meeting Tuesday, November 25th, Turkey Raffle

Dear Brothers & Sisters:

The next Regular Meeting of the Chicago Journeymen Plumbers’ and Technical Engineers L.U. 130, U.A. will be held on Tuesday, November 25th at 7:00 P.M. in the Stephen M. Bailey Auditorium, 1340 W. Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60607.

A Turkey Raffle will be held and refreshments will be served following the meeting. The 2014 Annual A.S.S.E. Product Show will be on the same day in the lower hall starting at 3:00 P.M. All are invited to see the new Industry Products and Technologies!

We look forward to seeing you on November 25th.

Thomas E. Gavin, Recording Secretary

Plumbers Retirement Savings Fund Educational Meeting

Dear Participants:

The Fund is hosting the following educational meetings regarding the new Defined Contributions Fund. You may receive statements from Mass Mutual regarding this plan prior to these meetings. There will be representatives from Mass Mutual at each of these educational meetings.

Date Time Location
October 27th 6pm – 9pm Plumbers’ Local 130 Union Hall
1340 West Washington Blvd, Chicago, IL
October 28th 6pm – 9pm Plumbers’ Local 130 Union Hall
2114 South I-80 Frontage Rd. Joliet, IL
October 29th 6pm – 9pm Pipers Banquets
1295 Butterfield Rd, Aurora, IL
October 30th 6pm – 9pm Plumbers’ Local 130 Union Hall
31855 North U.S. Highway, Volo, IL

All participants are invited and encouraged to attend one of these meetings. Each meeting will be followed by a question and answer period. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

2015 City Plumbing License Examination Schedule

The 2015 City Plumbing License Examination Schedule is now available.

More Info > 2015 City Plumbing License Exam Schedule

2014 State Plumbers’ License Exam (IDPH) Schedule

State Plumbers’ License Exam (IDPH) scheduled tentatively for November 18 & 19, 2014 pending further notice.

Announcing the New Plumbers Local 130 Newsletter

We know you’ve been missing your Local 130 news so Business Manager, James F. Coyne has created the new Plumbers Local 130 Newsletter! It’s hot off the press and available for download now!

More Info > Local 130 Newsletter

Job Openings

  1. Calumet City Plumbing – 2 Positions: Plumber and Project Manager
  2. Cecchin Plumbing & Heating, Inc. – Project Manager
  3. John Baethke & Son Plumbing – Residential Service Plumber
  4. Geiser-Berner Heating and Air Conditioning – Service Plumber

More Info > Job Openings

JAC News

The Fall 2014 Night School Schedule Available!

The Fall 2014 Night School Schedule is now online:

More Info > Fall 2014 Night School Schedule

OSHA 30 Hour – Joliet J.A.C. Facility

Our Joliet facility will be hosting a 30 Hour OSHA class this September 2014.

More Info > Sign Up Form

Local 130 Business Manager Jim Coyne with 4th year Apprentice Bill Lukasik in front of the bathroom project he just completed for the UA 4th District Apprentice Contest. Bill competed against other 4th District State Contest winners.

The outcome was another victory for Plumbers’ Local 130 in the UA 4th District Regional Contest. We are very proud of him. He will compete in the UA Contest in August. His competition will be 4 other UA regional champions in the US, the Canadian champion and Australian champion. We wish him success in that competition.

Attention All Contractors!

Please Stop All 401(K) and Savings Payroll Deductions

Please stop all 401(K) and Savings Payroll Deductions for all hours worked June 1st, 2104 forward. The 401(K) Program will no longer allow for elective deferrals and the Savings Program will become voluntary. If you inadvertently withhold 401(K) or savings for hours worked after this period, you are required to reimburse that member because of payroll taxes. Members are required to complete the New Pay Deferral Election Form if they wish to continue with the savings program.

New Voluntary Savings and Union PAC Fund

The Savings Plan is no longer mandatory and there is a newly formed Union PAC Fund. All members are allowed to contribute to voluntary Savings Program and/or the Union PAC Fund. Please click on the following link for more detailed information:

More info > New Payroll Deductions

Local 130 Reporting Process & WebCore

All hours from June 1st, 2014 forward, are required to be posted through the Local 130 WebCore Contractor Reporting Tool. Former Locals 501 and 93 are now required to submit reports using this tool and the new Local 130 wage packages.

Instructions for former Local 501 and 93 Contractors:

More info > Former Local 501 Contractors

More info > Former Local 93 Contractors

Reporting for June Hours

All hours on or prior to May 31st should continued to be submitted using your current method of processing. Please refrain from posting June hours until June 11th. We are currently in the process of updating WebCore and our internal systems to support the new CBA, Wage Packages and Payroll Deduction Elections.

Thank you for your attention and patience in this matter.

The Data Center

2014 Plumbing Contract Negotiations

Area wide, 3 year Collective Bargaining Agreements have been signed with the Plumbing Contractors Association of Chicago and Cook County (PCA ), the West Suburban Association of Plumbing Contractors (WSA), and the Kankakee and Iroquois Counties Plumbing and Piping Contractors Association (K&ICP&PCA). The contracts begin June 1st, 2014 and conclude on May 31, 2017.

New Plumbing Wage Packages and Effective June 1st, 2014

2014 Technical Engineering Division Contract Negotiations

The Illinois and Indiana contracts have been signed effective June 1, 2014. The Wage and Fringe Benefit Packages can be found at the links below:

More info > Illinois – MARBA 2014 Wage Package

More info > Indiana – NWICA 2014 Wage Package

New CBA Letter to Contractors and Additional Information

Attention All Plumbing Contractors:

A letter from Business Manager, James F. Coyne, was mailed to active Plumbing Contractors on May 28th. His letter describes key aspects of the Collective Bargaining Agreement going into effect June 1st, 2014.

Additional information concerning Savings, 401K and PAC Fund payroll deductions can also be found here.

More info > CBA Letter to Contractors

New CBA Letter to Membership

To All Local 130 Members:

A letter from Business Manager, James F. Coyne, was mailed to the active membership on May 21st. His letter describes key aspects of the Collective Bargaining Agreement going into effect June 1st, 2014. The content of his letter was posted online for your convenience. Please take the time to review this information to better understand the changes that will directly affect you.

More info > CBA Letter to Membership

Important Plumbers Local 130 Website Information

We are in the process of updating our current Website, however, we are now completing the New Contract and finalizing the Local 93 and Local 501 Consolidation. During this period, only the following web site areas will be updated:

  • All information concerning the New Contract
  • All information concerning the Consolidation
  • The Members on Line Dues Payment.

We will resume website updates and construction shortly after June 1, 2014 while we complete the New Contract and Consolidation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but please note that we are very excited about constructing a more member friendly website with more timely information updates. Please continue to check the website for improvements at www.ualocal130.org. If you have any other questions, please contact us at (312) 421-1010, Ext. 100 or 121.

Kenneth Turnquist
Financial Secretary Treasurer

Job Openings

  • The Chicago Water Department has job openings for 24 seasonal plumbers.
  • The Chicago Park District has a job opening for a plumber.
  • John Baethke & Son Plumbing Inc has a Service Plumber position
  • Garces Plumbing Contractors LLC has an Estimator position:
  • Member Mechanical, Inc is looking for a estimator/ project manager.
  • The Illinois Department of Central Management Services has three plumbing positions open in various facilities:
    • Pontiac Correctional Center
    • Vienna Correctional Center
    • Menard Correctional Center

To Apply and for more info > Job Openings

Pay your dues online!

Online Membership Dues Payment is now available! You can now pay your dues from the comfort of your home. No more unnecessary trips to the hall.

More info > Online Dues Payment

Joint Apprenticeship Committee News

The 2013-2014 Day & Night School Training Calendar available.

We are excited to announce that the 2013-2014 Day & Night School Training Calendar is now view-able on our new website.

more info > JAC Website

New JAC Night and Day Courses Available

The new course catalogs and registration form are available for the 2012 to 2013 training period.

more info > Night & Day School

JAC 4 Hour C.E.U. Non Member Price Increase

NOTICE: Starting May 14, 2013 all NON U.A. Members will be charged a $200.00 fee to attend any Four Hour Continuing Education Course offered by Local 130’s J.A.C.

More Info > J.A.C 4 Hours C.E.U

2014 Plumbing License Exam Schedule

Retrieve an Application Package and Study Guide from www.cityofchicago.org Department of Buildings.

Applications for examinations are to be mailed to:

City of Chicago – Trade Licensure,
P.O. Box 388249,
Chicago, Illinois 60638

Written Exam Contact:

Cheryl Stavropoulous
Email: cstavro@continentaltesting.net
Phone: 800‐359‐1313 ext. 105

Written Test Deadline City Fee
January 18, 2014 December 20, 2013 Hillside $149.00
June 7, 2014 May 2, 2014 Hillside $149.00
October 18, 2014 September 19, 2014 Hillside $149.00
Practical Test Deadline City
April 12, 2014 TBD Chicago
August 2, 2014 TBD Chicago
December 6, 2014 TBD Chicago

Laminated Plumbers License with Photo

There has been a recent group of plumbers licenses that are not laminated and have no photo. If your license is not a laminated card with photo, then please mail a letter with your license number and name to:

Continental Testing
City of Chicago Trade License
PO Box 388249
Chicago, IL 60638
Attention Cheryl.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Tierney at (312)421-1010 x150

License Renewal Process Moves Online

The Chicago Department of Buildings’ License Bureau reported an important service improvement that should make license renewal efforts for plumbing contractors more convenient and efficient. Effective immediately, electrical contractors and supervising electricians, plumbing contractors, journeymen plumbers, apprentices and masonry contractors with “A” and “B” and “C” licenses will be able to take advantage of the Department’s new Online License Renewal System. Use of the new online license renewal system is mandatory.

If you have not already renewed your license, you must log into the online licensing renewal system and renew your license. Simply log onto the City of Chicago Online Permits page. You will then be prompted to create a new login number for your account if you do not already have an existing online permitting login. Please click the link below for instructions on how to create a new account.

more info > Chicago License Renewal

Local 130, UA Service Members

With honor and gratitude, we salute all Local 130, UA members for their service to our country, past and present.

Active Duty

Brother Scott E. Allen
Brother Robert Dills
Brother Elijah Gray
Brother Byron Leger
Brother Wayne Mutnansky, U.S Army
Brother Corey Nunez
Brother L J Taylor

Welcome Home!

Brother Michael Coughlin, U.S. Army
Brother Patrick L. Fissette, U.S Navy
Brother Daniel J. Klein, U.S Army!
Brother Joseph A. Merkel, U.S.M.C
Brother Michael C. Wolowinski, U.S Army


Don't Let Rauner Win!
Chicago Federation of Labor Political Action

Oct 27th thru Nov 4th

Please volunteer to call or walk to prevent Bruce Rauner from ruining our state! Click the link below for more details.

CFL Political Action

Political Action Task
Force Saturdays

Saturday, Nov 1st, 8:00am

The meetings will be held in multiple locations; Chicago, Joliet, Volo and Aurora. Please click the link below for more details.

P.A.T.F Saturdays

2014 Annual A.S.S.E.
Product Show

Tuesday, Nov 25th, 3:00pm

Chicago Plumbers Lower Hall

Plumbers & Tech
Engineers Combined
Union Meeting

Please Note: Dates Moved!

Tuesday, Nov 25th, 7:00pm

The Plumbers and Tech Engineering meetings are combined this month for the annual Turkey Raffle.

Chicago Plumbers Hall